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oof - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
Haven't written in my journal for days. Since the last time I wrote, I've been to Coronation (major schmoozefest, dazzled my companions with my knowledge of who's who and what's what in the East Kingdom of the SCA, but after 4 years of playinghere, you learn a thing or two), had my birfday (including a fabulous dinner with Wolfie at Chum Lee's featuring scrummy Mongolian Beef, and an on-line surprise party on Taps with Hiroshima and Wolfie -- Hiro gave me a commission he ordered from wolfie of me as Mommabear and his alts -- look here to see it), and last night Wolfie and I went to his cousin's wedding.

The wedding was nice; I've never been to a Nuptial Mass before. In fact, I haven't been in a Catholic church since my best friend Kate's First Communion over 20 years ago. Wolfie looked great -- he's very sexy in a suit and tie. I looked pretty fabulous, too, if I say so myself; even if I realized that my outfit vaguely resembles a Star Trek: Next Gen command staff uniform. The service took and hour and a half though... there are certain advantages to being Protestant. I told Wolfie that if we ever do get married, the service takes 15 minutes, 30 at the absolute outside (unless there's entertaining schtick), and then we're off to party! We shook on it too, so if any of my hundreds of thousands of readers get an invitation to my wedding, don't expect a long ceremony, even if you want one!

The reception was very nice... great food (though the cake was dry and the frosting rather tasteless, but I'm extremely critical about cake what with living with my mom all these years), decent music, fun conversation with Wolfie's sister-in-law and cousin. The only thing I saw them do that I will throw a fit if anyone tries to do at my wedding is a dollar dance. At least they didn't pin the bills to the bride's gown; the best man and matron of honor collected the money. I guess it's not so bad, when done that way -- the other way, I think it's frickin' barbaric.

Funny/uncomfortable thing that happened is that when we told people that I'm moving in with Wolfie, they all looked excited and asked when we would be getting married. I guess that people don't just live together in his family; it's the step immediately preceding a wedding. And the sucky thing is that there's no good smart-ass comment to make to a question like that. We can't say "Never," because that's not true, and we can't give them a date, because they'll try and hold us to it. I guess the best thing to say is "We're not planning on it right now," and hope that's good enough for them. I think his family's been waiting for him to get married for about ten years now, and luckily, they like me and welcome me to their events. If we do get married, however, it'll be interesting to see where their idea of a suitable wedding and my idea of a suitable wedding diverge, however. I think the divergence would be quite wide. We'd just have to be careful and not decide to do things solely on their ability to scandalize our parents. Of course, ifit's something that we want to do, </i>and</i> it scandalizes our parents, we get bonus points. Muahahaha.

Oh, ack... If we do get married, it's only a short step to them asking when we're going to have kids. Living in sin is looking better all the time...
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