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bizzy bizzy bizzy
I finally got really ambitious about spinning yesterday, and finished up the pound of blue-faced Leicester that I bought at NH Sheep and wool. I still have the merino that I've been spinning lace-weight, and the (almost) 8 oz of Corriedale from NHSW, so I'm not totally out of spinning fiber, but I miss that BFL already! It was so nice to have that big lump of fluff in my bag... Now it's four big ready-to-set skeins of three ply yarn that will end up in the small side of worsted after steaming. Can't wait to swatch it. I have another big skein around here somewhere that needs setting, too.

It was the high ratio whorl, I tell you. I was spinning SO much faster! Now I know how the spinners who write the blogs get so much done, and how they can spin faster than they can knit! I was so used to the pace of spindling lace weight, which is slooooow on a bottom whorl, that I just didn't get the idea of what could be accomplished on a wheel with a sufficiently high ratio. And top is cheaper by the pound! Woot! Now I know I'll be able to spin enough to make mittens for gifts this Christmas! The problem will be putting the spinning wheel aside to pick up my knitting needles...

I actually started a mitten using the two ply BFL I'd already spun, and it's coming out beautifully on #4 needles. They're going to be a gift for my apprentice sister for her elevation to the Pelican. I wanted to make a pair with her arms on them using Fair Isle knitting, but I need more practice (and bigger needles).

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