tasha (tashabear) wrote,


I miss my iPod touch. I had to send it out for repair today. It's shipping over night, and will be overnighted back to me, but WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I use it for EVERYTHING. It's my companion when I work on leather projects, it keeps me company when I stand in lines, it lets me read or do crossword puzzles when I'm trying to get to sleep, it rides with me everywhere, and I HAD TO SEND IT AWWWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY...

The pathetisad thing is, I will totally buy another one if I have to, and then save my pennies to pay myself back. I love it THAT MUCH. I'm mulling over excuses for buying a 3G 64gb model anyway, but then I tell myself to hold out for 4G, because maybe THAT one will have a camera. That's all the touch needs to be the perfectest iPod EVAR.

I really miss my iPod. My 2G nano tries, but it's just not the same...
Tags: ipod lurve, pathetisad, whining because i can
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