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fiber -- it's good for you! - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
fiber -- it's good for you!
Woilfie and I are leaving for Anthrocon in the morning. I am totally not packed. I don't even really care -- jeans and a t-shirt do me fine. So I pack a few t-shirts, couple pairs of jeans, socks and underwear, and call it good.

What I'm really agonizing over is what projects to bring along! Patience (my spinning wheel) doesn't travel well, and I'm nearly out of fiber anyway (cries!). I've almost finished up the Pagoda Red Corriedale I bought at NH S&W in May. I still have some green merino I'm spinning fine, and I've resolved to keep the maroon merino for spindle spinning, so all is not lost. I'm taking my spindle bag to AC, anyway, so I can still spin, even if Patience is at home.

I'm thinking of taking my shawl, as I can rarely knit on it at home -- it's something I need to concentrate on, and I can't do that with Wolfie around for some reason (rowwrrr). And I have my Java Ribbed Socks, and my aunt's Regia socks (not nutty about the colorway, but maybe it needs natural light), and the hand-spun mittens for palegreyminion. I'm also going to take my three-ply handspun BFL yarn and swatch it. The two-ply knits beautifully on size 4s; I'm think that the three-ply will do nicely on 6s or 7s. It'll make a nice hat or -- ooh! -- a cabled headband! Maybe I'll make one for me out of the BFL and the angora I'm spindling! {drooldrooldrool... where was I?} Somehow I think that the 3-ply will look amazing cabled.

Ooh... I've been looking for yarn for a gansey for Wolfie... maybe I'll SPIN it! It'll have to be super-soft, though; he's picky. Maybe merino. Or.. ooh, merino and silk! THERE'S a wedding gift, huh? But he treats his clothes really badly... Sigh. I have a merino and silk love for a Red Heart boy.

I'd like to take my silk thread for the Narrowworker's Cord Project, but I'd probably lose it or get it really tangled. That stays home. I guess I have enough stuff to do; I'm only going for four days, and two of those are travel time.

I'm actually looking forward to Anthrocon now, because I have my job (which is going swimmingly; I made two appointments today, go me!) and because I get to spend the entire weekend in air-conditioned comfort, at a hotel with a pool, so I can splish and not sink (I don't sink. I don't sink at all; I'm apparently pneumatic in every sense of the word) with my sweetie, and I have lots of projects to keep me sane, so it'll be good. I have a lot more friends to hang out with this year, and they can join in the anti-fanboy snarky goodness. It's going to be fun!
1 trip or shoot the rapids
1 trip or shoot the rapids