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dear gods, my head hurts... - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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dear gods, my head hurts...
This is my third night working 11pm to 7am. I don't mind it; thus far, I haven't had that much trouble sleeping, though I do seem to toss and turn more because Wolfie isn't with me. I have to say that is the suckiest thing about working third shift. I really like the feeling of him in bed next to me.

I'm so bored right now I could scream. Chris (my boss) was here till 2:30am yesterday. He claimed he was working (he just bought into his buddy's limo service), but what he was actually doing was drinking and being obnoxious and manic, which made me very very tired. I've really got to get or make a copper bracelet to ward off that sort of unsettled energy. I have my own problems focusing, but Chris... I don't know how anyone lives with a brain like that.

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy. He has a lot of energy, and that's a good thing with a start up. But he's so disorganized it scares me -- I can envision a lot of stuff slipping through the cracks that really shouldn't. Oh well... The 2nd shift girl and I have him scared, so he'll do what we tell him... like pay the phone bill.

I did find out that he's using a wireless hub for the T1 line that's coming in here, so down the road when I can get a lapop, I can get a wireless network card and bring it in to play Battlenet on the T1! Woot!

So, being that I have nothing to do, I started designing a sweater to knit. I feel it important to mention that I have never knit an adult size sweater. I have knit three baby sweaters. So I'm designing a gansey to knit out of the yarn my mom brought me from Ireland. I think a gansey will be better than an aran, because ganseys are mostly knit-purl patterns rather than cables, so that will take up less yarn, and as well, will be less bulky than an aran. I don't need any added bulk!

I was going to do a cardigan, but I decided not to for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I don't want to knit back and forth; I want to knit in the round. I hate trying to do these patterns backwards. Reading the chart is no problem; it's reading the knitting and knowing where to put the stitches. I've been swatching patterns off and on all day to see what they really look like. Thank goodness I bought this skein of Brown Sheep Nature Spun; it's been wonderful for swatching with! I really like it -- I think I might make a sweater with it at some future date.

Swatching the patterns has been wicked helpful, especially with cable patterns. I think I've figured out how to make one look like a braid, which is very cool. I'm definitely going to use that one, as well as use it for the shoulder strap. I love braiding, and it would be very "me" to put a braided-look cable on my sweater.

I think I need to revisit the chart I'm drawing, though. I chose a motif for the center that I don't think I'm going to use, so there goes a lot of erasing. Oh well. It's not like I have a lot to do to occupy my time here at work.

I'm looking forward to getting started on the sweater, though. I ought to have everything in place by next week, have my 40" size 7 circular needle, and be able to cast on. Can't wait -- especially can't wait to show my plans to my mom. She's my biggest knitting fan, and I will find a nice pattern to make her a cardie for Christmas, if I have to design it myself. (The one in the back of the Knitting Ganseys book is really cute; I'd just have to expand it a bit, I think. Knitting patterns are rarely designed for Wimmins Wif Tits.

Speaking of knitting patterns... I can't get over how much math there is to do to design a sweater! If someone had put it to me like this when I was in middle school, I might have been more interested in math. I'm actually kinda proud of myself... though I had to do it all twice when I realized I'd misremembered the gauge in the swatch I'd knit. I got the number of stitches to the inch correct, but cut the number of rows in half. Oops. No major deal, but I should probably triple-check my numbers again before I cast on. Ripping out doesn't bother me nearly as much as what might happen to the yarn with repeated ripping. It really wears the yarn, and this yarn, Tivoli Celtic Aran Superwash, really seems to get fuzzy if it's repeatedly ripped out... like when someone knits the same gauge swatch twice. I suppose I could have gotten up off my ass and gone upstairs for another ball, but who knew it would get fuzzy the way it did? Oh well... now I know.

I think I found the knitting pattern company of my dreams, though -- this coming hard on the heels of me bitching about the lack of designs for Wimmins Wif Tits. Cabin Fever has some super nice designs, and several for plus sizes. I've seen their designs mentioned before, in other knitting blogs, and I made a list of five or six patterns that I'd love to make for either myself of Wolfie. The cool thing is, that I could buy the pattern to make something for him, and not worry about it because it's somehing that I would wear. Besides, the patterns are only $6; it's not like I'd be out much money.

I'm glad I'm working again -- these fibery ambitions of mine can get/are expensive!
Well, that killed an hour. I can go home in a little over an hour. I think I'll try swatching that braided cable pattern again, just so I get it in my head properly -- my first swatch was cabling 8 stitches, and I drew it into my gansey pattern as cabling 6... oops, I geeked again...

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