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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
I cast on for my gansey tonight (it's a sweater, similar to an Aran, but with knit-purl patterns instead of a lot of cables). Twice, as I'm doing a split, garter stitched welt. The Channel Island cast-on is my bitch.

So I knit both pieces of the welt, and I'm ready to join them. I slipped the first piece to a size 6 needle (I'm knitting on 7's), because it was the only one long enough to hold it. Lo and behold, the directions tell you to hold the first piece on the right... check... and the second piece on the left... check... and slip two stitches from the right hand piece to purl two together twice with the first two stitches on the left hand piece (trust me, it makes sense)... check... and knit across to join the other side. Waitaminnit... the right hand needle is a 29" size 6 circ! What am I gonne do?

A HA! This is no ordinary knitter you're dealing with, you see, for I am OVERTIRED GIRL! (Also Bored At Work Girl and I Want Chocolate NOW Girl, but we'll save those for another time of the month, shall we?) I just brought the other end of me shiny new Addi Turbo Size 7 40" (it's ALL about size, darlin') circ around and commenced to knittin' across! When I get to the other side, I'll be all set to get all the stitches onto the Addi and All Will Be Rosy! (We'll just ignore the fact that I don't have the chart done yet, okay? Nothing like a collective illusion for a Friday, I always say.)

In other news, I really want to do one of those sweaters from the front cover of Interweave Knits Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky isn't expensive; I could do a sweater in that pattern for between $60 and $75. Not bad for a handknit sweater.

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