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free-floating anxiety - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
free-floating anxiety
I'm still securely in it's grip. I'm just down and irritable this week. I feel all unstable and paranoid and pissed off by turns, and sometimes all at once. I'm no fun to be around, and I'm not feeling like a very good employee. It doesn't help that they're getting on my VERY LAST NERVE and making really unreasonable demands on my schedule. Not to mention a coworker called me at 4:15 yesterday afternoon and blithely said, "Oh, I thought you'd be sleeping!" And so I would be, if you hadn't made the phone ring! And she called me for something totally stupid too, something that could have waited and been communicated in a note.

Wolfie's been sick, and therefore keeping his distance so as to keep me from getting sick. He still hasn't realized, bless him, that I have the constitution of a whole yoke of oxen, and rarely get sick. I think I've been sick with a cold once in all the time I've known him; the rest have been allegies and my new, odd digestive ailments that keep life so very interesting. I miss him. I utterly ache for him to hug me right now; I can't even describe it. I'd give quite a lot for a couch in our living room, I'll tell you what. We have no cuddle-worthy furniture.

I'm so tired. I hope I get some sleep today. I'd turn off the ringer on the phone if I wasn't afraid that our friend David would call from Baghdad and I'd miss his call.

Fucking telemarketers. Fucking garages down the street. Fucking landscapers (though they probably won't be at the park today). Fucking ICE CREAM TRUCK FROM HELL!

I can't wait for fall.

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