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bizzy bear - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
bizzy bear
I got bizzy this afternoon, and tidied the kitchen counter and did the dishes. I finally got to use the dish drainer that I bought almost two years ago, when I moved in! I officially adore our ScumBuster; it and some Fantastik Orange Action made short work of cleaning the counter and sink -- can't wash dishes in a greasy sink.

While the water boiled (still don't have a water heater yet) I went through the pile o'paper on the end of the counter. Fully 75% of it was empty envelopes and the dross that comes with the bills -- business reply envelopes, mini-flyers for other stuff, and other irrelevant enclosures. So that's sorted and in a box. I didn't actually find what I was looking for, which is the Home Despot gift cards we got for Christmas. If I recall correctly, we should have enough in gift cards to pay for the water heater itself, and then we need only pay for the installation -- it's a gas heater; it's more involved than Wolfie is willing to deal with, and I'm down wit that. Last thing we need is to blow up the house. That would suck. All our stuff is here.

Tomorrow I get to work on the kitchen table. That's on the slate to actually be moved out of the kitchen, we don't know where it's going. I don't want to get rid of it, as it's a nice table, and even if we always eat in front of the TV, there may come a time when we don't want to... like if we ever have a guest that's not bringing us pizza. I just don't know where to put it at the moment. In the meantime, I'll tidy around it, and possibly take a stab at washing the kitchen floor. I fear the floor, however, especially since I have to heat the hot water on the stove. Oh well; we have large pots for such things, and I can always heat a couple of pots' worth. It'll be nice to get the kitchen tidy, because once I have the table cleaned off, I can clean out the refrigerator and clean the glass shelves. They get gross so quickly. And then.... the microwave cart. Muahaha. I ought to bring my newer microwave out to the kitchen and put Wolfie's old Radiation 2000 in the back pantry where it can't hurt anyone. Much. It could fall on someone. That would hurt. And it could cause sterility. (I'm kidding... I don't know if it would cause sterility. But it did belong to his grandfather, if that's any indication...)

So I'm here at work, and I'm staring at these logs that need to be entered, and have finally solved my no-stereo dilemma -- Ren Radio. I wish that the playlist was working at the moment; I'm always on the lookout for music that we can play during dinner at the wedding. I might just pick up the Wolgemut albums (pronounced "vole-geh-moot") -- their second one has a song called "The Polarbear Dance"! I mean, what's not to love? :-)

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