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weekend in review - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
weekend in review
In sum: I'm still tired.

In detail: We went up to Alyson's Orchard to put a deposit down on the weekend we want. When we got there, Mr. Jasse (the owner) wasn't there; he'd gone into town to run some errands. (He's kinda scattered.) He didn't remember that we'd been there in June and therefore started trying to sell the place again. And then the real kicker -- they're not doing the catering themselves anymore; they're creating a "select list" of local caterers that they trust to not wreck the place, basically. (His wife had been doing the catering, and she's just getting a little too old to do it all herself anymore). I got this sinking feeling in my stomach, as I watched my one-stop wedding shopping fly right out the window. Mr. Jasse did recommend a caterer, and I spoke with her briefly, making plans to call her back the next day to speak more. I thought everything was all set, but I was still distraught by the change. (I don't deal well with change at the best of times, and when it involves spending multiple thousands of dollars, most of which is not mine, I get really upset.) We ended up not putting down the deposit; I don't want to put anything down now till I find out exactly who's getting what. Not having one-stop shopping makes the accounting much harder, and it's really upsetting.

We did get to walk the site, though, as it was an absolutely gorgeous day. We decided that we'll be setting up sort of kitty-corner on the little promontory where we're going to have the ceremony, so that we get the best view and face away from the farm and road you can see off to the right (it was raining so hard last time we were up that Dad thought that the road was a river -- visibility was that bad). On the other side of the track from the ceremony spot is a little pond with paddleboats and rushes and frogs and a raft -- if it was any more picturesque it'd be a postcard. We're hoping to be able to have the ceremony, then turn around and have a little afternoon party by the pond. Then we'll go up to the Orchard Room in the early evening for dinner. We'll do the food for the picnic ourselves, assuming that Mr. Jasse is down with the idea. I hope so -- it's my favorite idea so far! This brings the whole tone of the thing back to casual, too, which I like. We had a late lunch at Uno's and Mom, Wolfie and I talked about the food we wanted and the cake and stuff we needed to ask about -- it was very productive.

I fell down when we finally got home. I'd been up since 9pm the night before, and it was 6pm before we got home. I slept for 12 or 13 hours and got up early the next morning. I must have called my mom 6 times that morning if I called her once, just to ask one thing or another. When I finally got to call the caterer Mr. Jasse had recommended, she told me that she was booked up on both of the dates we've been considering. I very nearly didn't get off the phone before I started to bawl -- between still being tired and being hungry, plus being off-balance from the changes and worried about the budget, I was very overwrought. I was really counting on being able to use this caterer; she was the only one Mr. Jasse said would be within our budget and be able to use his dishes (he doesn't trust the other caterers), which would bring our costs down.

Mom's supposed to call him tomorrow. I'm all a-twitter, trying to figure out WTF's going on. It's not like I want anything very complex; if I could bring in an SCA cook and crew, I could get the job done for very short money, but Mr. Jasse would never allow it. So for now, I just deal with the uncertainty and hope that he lets us do the food for the picnic.

And I'm still tired.

i feel: hungry hungry

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