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oh dear.

I started cleaning up the study, formerly Wolfie's computer room.

There are a bunch of desktop boxes in there, and a LOT of components and cables, some in the package. I don't have the time or energy to photograph anything I think might be worth saving, but if any of you think you want to go through a contractor garbage bag full of computer stuff, I'll save it for you.

Here's the catch: you have to speak up before 0730 tomorrow. If there's radio silence between now and then, it's going out to the curb. If someone wants it, I'll even go through it and separate the computer stuff from the actual trash. (Nothing gooey, just paper trash.)

I also have four or five boxen in various states of taken apart and a CRT monitor I'm not sure works. That stuff is going out back of the house till Mom gets home from Calgary and can accompany me to the landfill to dump it all. It's not going to rain this week AFAIK, and this stuff won't be going to the landfill till the 11th, but I have no idea what the week after Labor Day will bring, nor can I promise that the local critters won't pee on it, so again, speak up fast if you want any of this stuff.

And if you do want it, any of it, you need to make arrangements to get it ASAP. I'm not having this stuff hang around; that's how I got into this situation in the first place.

To recap: Contractor garbage bag full of random computer components, some in package, some not; may or may not be worth a shit. Deadline to claim is 0730, Tuesday, Aug 31.

Several boxen in various states of taken apart, will be outside exposed to the elements and critter pee because I have no room to store them indoors. Deadline to claim and retrieve is Saturday, September 11.

Don't all speak at once.
Tags: cleaning, clutterbomb
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