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sticks n string update - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
sticks n string update
DNA Scarf #2: Approx 4 pattern repeats done. Eight to go. This is not a big deal, really.

Cutie patootie hat for cousin's baby: Done.

Winter Nights Hat: Done. Needs to be felted.

Regia socks for auntie (colorway #5294): I like top down better for self-patterning yarn. Got top knit and heel turned on sock #1 in about a day and a half. Finished gusset decreases tonight, foot knitting is proceeding apace. I may have to spend some time at the laundromat today, so that'll make good mindless knitting to pass the time. I don't like the green stripe in this yarn. It's a really putrid green.

Planning stages: Aran pillows for the moms, felted knapsack for niece. Still pondering other family members.

i feel: busy busy

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