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radio gaga - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
radio gaga
This is too cool. Auliya from Tapestries has started a live-stream Tavern radio station. She's playing rockin' music, having a grand time, and the whole thing revolves around the Tapestries Tavern. You go, Auliya. This is awesome.

On the home front, Wolfie and I seem to be over our colds, trying to get back to normal (or what passes for it). We had a visit today from the home inspector for the insurance company, which sent me into a bit of a cleaning tizzy. Never fails... someone says inspection, and I'm instantly transported back to college, where they really did check the tops of the doors with white gloves. Do you know how hard it is to keep a room clean hen the building is insulated with straw and newspapers? Bleah! I did learn why you never polish a linoleum floor with Pledge though.... whee!! Anyway, the kitchen and living room got significantly tidied, which has been long-overdue. Maybe I should have an inspector in every week... it'd certainly kick my sorry ass into overdrive.

We can't wait to get the ceiling done in the living room. Then I can get that room cleaned up and bring the couch in from the garage and make/buy a dang slipcover for it. Anything to cover it... it's looking rough. The previous owner's dog noshed on the back of it. :-)

Mathilde's going in and out of heat like it was a revolving door. The active dislike of me was significantly less between heats this time, though.... and I bribed her with Pounce treats... so I think she's starting to realize that I'm not going anywhere. She really is a pretty cat. She's got this neat white neck ruff thing going on, and great big eyes. I just wish I could get her to stop tracking litter all over the place. Maybe a little kitty welcome mat thingy? *ponders how to train the cat to wash her paws before leaving the bathroom*

So we went riding Thursday night, after nearly a month off due to illness. We had a blast. Callie gave wolfie a great ride, and he did awesome. He's really getting the hang of this whole riding thing. Cherokee was all right for me, though to hear her tell it, she was too utterly exhausted to even contemplate trotting, and how could I be so cold and callous to ask her? ;-) Felt good though, and Sally said that I looked the best, most secure, on Cherokee than on any of the other horses I've ridden at her barn. I like compliments...

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