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what'd I ever do to you?

Fuck you very much, Lawrence MA DPW, for destroying the berm in front of my house and that of my neighbor when you replowed my street last night. You left a hunk of snow the size of a boulder smack in the middle of the driveway. Luckily for me, I a) heard you assholes when you did it and b) got up and checked during my 2am trip to the bathroom, so I could change my alarm and get up half an hour earlier than the already ridiculous hour I was getting up, all so I could have time for yet ANOTHER shower before I go to my first day on my new and exciting job. Because I really wanted to show up with my face a hectic red from shoveling (even if my snowblower would start, it's 6am. I can't use it).

Was there a DPW Benevolent Fund I should have donated to? What? What did I ever do to you? Thanks to you, I'll have to hold my mail till the end of the week because I'm not sure when I'll have the time and energy to clear my sidewalk. It was done yesterday, BTW, but you put paid to that.

In closing, you suck for doing this. I hope this comes back around to bite you on the ass. Have a nice day.
Tags: fuck this shit
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