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muh birfday - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
muh birfday
My birthday was nice, though I was really too tired to enjoy it. I got about three hours sleep before I had to get up again to go to my Two-Color Knitting class. The class, for me, was more a validation that I understood the concepts behind two color knitting than teaching me anything new... (What can I say? I read a lot, and I'm very good at putting theory into practice.) But I got to meet melbug (she has phenomenally gorgeous red hair!) and Kerstin from At My Knit's End, and all that was very cool. On the yarn side of things, I used a birfday gift certificate to pick up two skeins of Regia (colorway 5270, blues and purples), a skein of Araucania in blue that I forgot to have them wind for me, and then I got a skin of Trekking XXL in a brown/green/orangey colorway to make socks for Wolfie. I started knitting it on size 2's, but they're too big for yarn that fine.

The party at my aunt's was fun. I got to meet my cousin's baby Rachel for the first time -- whoowhee, what a moody baby! On and off with the waterworks, just like a light switch, but to be fair, I think it's partly that she's just not used to crowds. She sure looks like her parents, though, and seems to have that Russian mercurial spirit in full measure. And she so long! Jess said that she's off the chart for her age, lengthwise. She has a wicked long body. She's kinda fun to play with, though, even if she did grab my hair a lot (she giggled when I tickled her nose with the end of my braid).

I dunno... I might be too set in my ways to be a mom now, but sometimes... sometimes I think about it. I already know what kind of a mom I am, more or less, though every child is different. But I don't know what kind of dad Wolfie would be, not directly. And yet I do, because I know what kind of man he is, and what kind of husband. Our kids would be people to be reckoned with.

I was a little pouty because te cake was lemon, not chocolate, but it wasn't just my birthday -- it was Jess's on Sunday, and Jason's will be a week from today. Oh well... Mom said she'd make me a chocolate chambord cake later. I still hate frosting. Bleah. Too sweet.

I went to bed directly after I got home and slept from 9pm to 3am, then tried to go back at 6, but the gut trucks outside the house for the soccer game across the street woke me up at 10 and wouldn't let me go back to sleep.

Sunday was fun, too, but hurried. I raced down to Harvard to go back to Fiber Loft for size 1 DPNs -- yay, they had them! -- and I picked up some 7's too, for mittens. Then we sped down to Westford and met points for nice cream at Kimball's, where I proceeded to poison myself with lactose. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I should have taken maybe a little more Lactaid -- it was like having a baseball in me tum. I'll figure out this dairy thing sooner or later... I took another nap when I got home, then had yummy Chinese from the shop 'round the corner. I love having a Chinese place within walking distance! Plus they deliver. That's never bad. all in all, it was a pretty good weekend.

I tried starting my Regia socks on a set of size 2 Bryspuns. They're too flexible; I didn't like the way they were turning out, so I frogged them. I also frogged the Cherry Tree Hill sock I was working on; it was too dense worked on size 2s (those needles are purple Regia sock Mark II). I'll be trying it again on 3s. The only 3s I have are Bryspuns, but they're heavy enough that they don't flex in my fingers as I try to use them. It's amazing how sturdy 2s feel after knitting on 1s all day.

Wolfie thinks that the Trekking yarn is harsh... Grumble. Next time he gets socks knit out of Lopi, so he understands what soft sock yarn feels like! X-P I was knitting this stuff all day just wishing it was for me... but it's a huge ball of yarn; there might be enough there for me, too.

I still want to knit a sweater. Perhaps if I get all my Christmas knitting done in time, I'll reward myelf with yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods for a Lavold sweater. Maybe. We'll see. Sigh.

Back to socks.

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kitchenwitch From: kitchenwitch Date: October 11th, 2003 09:16 pm (UTC) (base camp)
Happy birthday a little bit late! :)
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