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a few small advantages - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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a few small advantages
There area few small advantges to living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. One of them is our outstanding new RMV system. When you walk in to renew plates or whatever, you first speak to a receptionist, who gives you a number. There are no more long, noisy lines. If you want to know how busy the branch is before you go, you can look at the website, and they have an average wait time posted, which is based in input from the receptionist.

But best of all, you can renew your license online. My license expired on my birthday at the beginning of October, and I didn't realize it till Oct 31st. Oops. I don't have a car during the day, so I couldn't get to the RMV, and planned to go Monday morning. Early Monday morning, I went to the RMV website to see what time the Lawrence branch opened, and it said right there: RENEW ONLINE. So I did, and I just got my confirmation email, and now I'm legal to drive again. I'll get my renewed license in the mail, but till then, I can just carry the emailed receipt and all is good.

Dammit, I love the RMV -- they charge you an arm and a leg, it seems, but they get shit done in a timely and up-to-date manner. That's worth it, I think.

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